It's my pleasure to share my love of Goldendoodles with everyone I meet. My girls, Holly and Mulan, and now Winnie along with the extended pooch family are so much more than my pets, they are my family. They are treated and cared for just as my human children. They have their own beds, blankets, toys, and are doted on like my own.  When my girls do have puppies, I am present for their birth, which is in my bedroom and I am there around the clock until about 4-5 weeks, then they are moved into their own room.  Creating perfect puppies is my passion and career, they are the most personable, friendly, and healthy pups around.  They are well socialized with people and other dogs since birth. You are welcome to come by our home to see for yourself.

Announcements & Updates

Happiest of 2nd Birthdays to the " Flower patch" pups, now:

Maggie, Moose, Bruce, Wayne, Lelia, Bella, Blue, Motley, and Daisy

Wishing you lots of treats and toys, and a day filled with doodle zoomies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A very Happy 4th Birthday to Holly & Loui pups 2-1-2016

I hope your day is filled with fun and adventures with your humans..


Happy 1st  Birthday to Mulan & Rusty pups 

Bear, Winnie, Charlie, Major, Pink, Mango, and Roxy

Wishing you and your families a fabulous day.


Happy 2nd Birthday to Holly & Leos pups

Kona, Bailey, Ruby Mae, Lauren, Kim, Sophia Marie, Toby, and Mr. Big

Wishing you all a wonderful day with your homans.


Happy FIRST Birthday to Holly & Rusty's pup 

Zoey, Sid, Poppy, Archie, Malfi, Mo, Piper, Elmo, Finley

Hope your day includes lots of belly rubs, ear scratches, new toys and getting to spend time with your humans...Wishing you all a wonderful day!!


Licensed Goldendoodle Breeder

I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I’ve been a breeder of Poodles and Doodles since 2007. 

I am licensed with Broward County, #P0592844, which expires 5-26-2020.                click here to view   

I am dedicated to always provide a nurturing, loving and safe environment. I do not have guardian homes, nor do I re-home my retired females. Currently, I have three generations, but I have had five generations in my home. The pups are born in my bedroom so I can keep an eye on them and intervene if anything happens. I also help the pups to make sure they all get a teat. She feeds them every 2 hours or so for the first few weeks so it actually is a full-time job for me and momma. It's just like having newborn babies, like septuplets or more!!


Growing puppies

Puppies need to be to with their mother and littermates until at least 8 weeks of age.

Pups gain on average 8 oz. up to 1 pound a week until about 4 weeks...then its more.... like 1 to 2+ pound a week, my pups range from 10 to 15 pounds when they go home. 

They start mush food at about 3 weeks and will nurse until about 6 weeks. By the time they go home their food is dry/hard puppy food. 


Upcoming and Available


 I have/will post pictures of the pups under the "Litters" tab at the top of the page. Drop down tabs for each of the different litters.

There will be an interested/reserved list for each litter. If the picture says reserved that means that specific pup will be going to their furever home when they are 8 weeks or older. 


 Just remember pups are a lifetime commitment, with a lot of care required on your behalf.



Rusty -  BaJa's Russell Louis

Rusty is a stunning red Standard Poodle. He is dual registered with the AKC & CKC. He will be the sire to my girls, but I am also allowing him to stud other accepted females as well. I already have a house full of my four-legged children, so I am unable to accept "pick of the litter" at this time. Please visit "Stud Service" at the top of the page for more info.


from the beginning

My first Standard Poodle, Buddy was a rescue, from the Humane Society, brought here to Florida from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, in 2006. I fell in love with him and the breed. Sadly Buddy passed at 11 years old, he is missed dearly.


 I started looking for a female to begin my breeding program in 2007...That's when I got Princess, she was a Great Great Grandma. (It is with a heavy heart, Princess has passed, and is now chasing lizard over the rainbow bridge.)  When I did breed Princess I kept her daughter, Hershey, a Great Grandma, from Princess's first litter in 2009. Sadly Hershey has passed over the rainbow bridge on February 22, 2018. She will be missed dearly.


Then in 2011,  I began hearing and learning about Goldendoodles. And as it just so happened, my sister had an awesome Golden Retriever, Carter, so we decided to bred her Golden with my Poodle girls...and ta-da the Goldendoodle....and I fell in love,  they all were the most playful, loving, dedicated, happy, watchful, pooches ever...


So I kept Holly, F1 from Hershey's 2013 litter and haven't looked back.  Now don't get me wrong Standard Poodles are great but with the addition of the Golden Retriever attributes they just make the best family dog. My goal is to produce the healthiest, well adjusted, happiest pups for your family to love and enjoy.


I am excited to announce our newest addition to the pooch family, Winnie, she is a parti-colored Goldendoodle, it will be a while for her to have a litter.  I will also have her genetically tested...but I am so excited to see what colors she produces. I will update and post pictures shortly. OK... OK I can literally be classified as the crazy dog lady!!! Winnie was lonely without her littermates, and my dogs are much bigger and play ruffer.... so I got another pup... her name is Roo, she is also a parti- goldendoodle... pictures coming soon...


You can visit my Instagram, # bajadoodles ....I'm hoping to be more active on this social media venue soon!! But my fantastic folks that adopted my pups have hashtagged me, so look under #bajadoodles and you can see my pups on all their adventures and/or just being cute!!! 

I am also on Facebook at BAJAdoodles if you'd like to see my page. I am trying to be better with posting stuff... but most times life gets int he feel free to post pictures of my pups on my pages or #'s !!

It's much appreciated, thank you!!


Mulan is a black CKC, F1b, Goldendoodle. Her birthday is February 1st, 2016.  She is a doting mom.

See the "Litters" page, under Mulan, for her pup pictures.


She has had genetic testing, for the Goldendoodle panel, all negative/clear, see her results below.


Holly is a black CKC,  F1 Goldendoodle. Her birthday is 7-30-13. She is a wonderful mommy.

She has availability on her future interested/reserve list. See the "Litter" page, under Holly for pictures and more information


  She has been genetically tested, all negative/clear, see her certification below.


Rusty is a red Standard Poodle, he is dual registered with AKC and CKC. His birthday is February 28th, 2016. He will be the sire to my females. He is also available for stud services. Please see the Stud page, at the top, for more information. 


He has been genetically tested also, all negative/clear, see below for his results.

I understand that your pup will be a part of your family. I give them the best possible care, attention and love that I provide for my own four legged children.



We drove up to Plantation from Key West to make certain the puppy (originally Pocahontas, now Molly) was from a good home. Beth was wonderful. We picked out the puppy on line and decided when we saw all of the pups that our decision was correct, although I could easily have had two or even three. Unable to take the puppy that day we arranged to pick her up the next morning. When we arrived at 8:45 am the puppy was in Beth's arms, washed, dried and combed. There was a gift bag with a blanket that would remind the pup of both her mother and Beth. It really helped a lot to quiet the pup on the long, four hour, ride home. Also dog food, some puppy toys, a collar and all sent with lots of love. I'd recommend a puppy from Beth to anyone. She loves and cares for her dogs. Reviewer: Frank, April 5, 2016




If any of my other families that adopted my pups wish to leave a

breeder review, you can go on to do so, thank you.

"Everywhere I go with Skylar people ask where I got her and I always give your info. I have seen a lot of golden doodles but Skylar is exceptional. You did a great job with her. She has a great personality, very special, she's the best girl ever... thanks again"

Sharon, Skylar's mom




Plantation, FL 33317

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