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Interested List 

This will be the new interested list for late 2022-2023 pups. I will be starting this one list to start. The list is in order of contacting me & confirming that they wish to be on the list.   By texting me at 954-245-9069 and returning the application.

Once the pups are born, the confirmation deposit is due to stay on the list. Please read below for more information on how the deposits work. 

So you are confirming a spot on the list to be able to pick one of the pups. 

Once the pups are 5 weeks or before, the families will begin the process of picking their pup out. I will go in the order of the list. If you have any questions please contact me. 





Name:                Litter                   App:           Agmnt:               Deposits


#1 Sean and Alex, they have one of my precious pups, who will become a big sister!! They want one of Roo's pups, which will be a separate litter list.............. TBA



#2 Open

#3 Open

#4 Open

PLEASE, If you are no longer interested in staying on the list at any time please let me know so I can make corrections and open up your spot. TIA.


If you have any questions please contact me by text/call at 954-245-9069 or email me at

All the paperwork, Applications, Agreements, and all other contracts are not on the website, contact me and I will email them to you. 

**Once my girls have been bred, I will contact you to confirm that you are interested to stay on the list.  I HAVE AN APPLICATION THAT NEEDS TO BE FILLED OUT and RETURNED TO ME IF YOU WANT TO BE ON THE LIST.

**Then once the pups are born, I will inform you of the sexes and colors that are available.                 ( Approx. nine weeks from being bred). I will contact you by all means possible: text/email/phone, IF I DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN TWO DAYS WITH YOUR DECISION, I WILL MOVE ON DOWN THE LIST. ( sorry, but I have had issues in the past with no replies, so I just want to be clear, it's important to get back to me or you will lose your spot) 

IF you are not interested in picking a pup with the litter(s), (the timing is not right, or you would prefer different colors/sexes available or want different generations) you can move your name to the next list/litter,  no deposit is due to be on the next litter list.

BUT If you are interested in picking a pup from this litter, I will email you the Adoption Agreement and Spay/Neuter Contracts which are to be filled out and signed and then returned to me along with the confirmation deposit of $500 will be due. See note on payments accepted below.

I will contact you by text/email/phone, IF I DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN TWO DAYS WITH YOUR DECISION, I WILL MOVE ON DOWN THE LIST. ( sorry, but I have had issues in the past with no replies, so I just want to be clear.)

WHEN they are 5 weeks old or sooner

**You will then have until the pups are 5 weeks ( max) to choose which pup will be yours. I will update the specific litters tab with weekly pictures and will also text or email you weekly pictures of the pups.  I have had some folks pick their pup within the first week because they wanted specific sex and/or color. But if you prefer to wait until they are older you can, up until they are 5 weeks (max) to choose your pup. 

They will be chosen in the order of the confirmation list. I do not pick your pup. You pick your own pup either by "face time" videos, phone video chats, and/or pictures or by coming to my home to visit us. ( this is depending on the current situation with the COVID-19 requirements. You will still be able to come and see us, just maybe not handle the pups, we will just have to see what are the safety guidelines at that time.) WHEN IT COMES TIME FOR CHOOSING YOUR PUP............ ( FOR THE FOLKS THAT MAY WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE OLDER) I WILL GIVE YOU TWO DAYS TO DECIDE AFTER I CONTACT YOU AT THEIR 5-WEEK BIRTHDAY. (Sorry again, but I've had to add this due to folks not replying in a timely fashion).

**Once you pick your pup (by 5 weeks old) the holding deposit of  $1000 is due, this is to hold YOUR  pup until they are at least 8 weeks. I can and have held pups longer because the families had prior commitments, weddings, vacations, etc. If you need me to hold the pup longer than 8 weeks, we can discuss the situation, after 9 weeks though it will be $15.00 a day.

**I will send weekly pictures and videos of your pup and you are also welcome to come over and visit with your pup ( after 5 weeks old) until they are ready to go home. ( Again the visits are depending on the COVID-19 guidelines at the time). Once your pup is ready to go home the balance is due ( cash, Zelle, PayPal ( under friends & family), Venmo, CashApp before the pup leaves my home. 

So the deposits/payments are as follows:

  • No deposit is due to be on the interested list, but the Application is to be filled out.

  • There tends to be a lot of adjustments made to the list, so if you are no longer interested, please let me know ASAP - TIA

  • $500 confirmation deposit ( along with signed Application) to stay on the list once the pups are born. ETA:  end of  2022 - into 2023

  • Winnie:  10-8-2022 litter

  • Roo:  

  • Willow:

  • Deposits can be cash, check, Zelle, PayPal, ( under friends & family only), Cash App, Venmo friends

  • $1000 holding deposit to confirm YOUR chosen pup before or at 5 weeks of age (max).

         This Deposit can be cash, Zelle, PayPal, ( under friends & family only), Cash App, Venmo                  friends

  • Balance is due upon or before the date you pick up your puppy to take him/her home.

        Balance can be cash, Zelle, Paypal, (under friends & family only), Cash App, Venmo friends

Solid colors will be $ 1,800+

Parti-colored/Abstracts/white spots $ 2,200+

Pricing will depend on the stud/sire used, Prices may change at any time without notice. 

Separate pages will be made for each separate litter. Pictures from birth with pricing will be listed on the pictures. 

More information about what comes included with the pups, guarantees, and health information can be found on the FAQ page


I have the right to refuse the adoption of my pups to anyone, at any time, even with a signed contract, if this happens your deposit(s) will be refunded. 

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