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Winnie & Rocket's 2021 litter


All pups have found their furever homes!!!

Winnie and Rusty or Rocket's litter is due the first week or so of June 2021.

I have started ONE "Interested List" for 2021 ( It has its own page link here .)

On this page will be pictures of the parents,  Winnie and Rocket, and their pups as they progress through the weeks. I will update the website, hopefully weekly, and will text weekly pictures to the families that have reserved one of the pups. 

Winnie's pups with Rocket are considered F2b and will most likely be 75% or more poodle. There is a lot of variants in DNA, so I cannot guarantee any possible outcomes of if they shed or not or if they have furnishings. As the same as humans, a random strain could come through from 4 generations ago. I do think that Sunny will have a straighter/shaggy coat and may shed some. I think that Chipper will have no furnishings, so he won't have the beard & mustache, his face seems shorter than his body, but I could be wrong. The pups do lose their first coat or baby coat at about 6 months.  The others all have wavy to curly hair that should not shed much, if at all. If allergies are an issue, I highly recommend that you come by to visit the pups.

Please call/ text me at 954-245-9069 if you have any questions. 

Information on how the Interested list works are on the 2021 page.

Information on what comes included with the pups is on the FAQ page


All the pups have found their forever homes. The next litter may be at the end of 2021 into 2022. I will update the website once I have a more definite date. 



I still have 2 pups available from this litter, please scroll down to see pictures from birth and more information, or you can call /text me at 954-245-9069 with any questions. 


I have to apologize for not updating the website and my families with new pictures. No excuses, but it has been a very tiring month or so. I've had issues with my back, and have been getting treatments for that, which has left me being only able to do the bare minimum. as I am supposed to keep movement to a minimum...not with 10 pups!!!! But I'm updating today. 

They will be going to their vet for their nose-to-tail check-up, vaccines, microchips, etc on Monday, August 2nd, so they are able to go to their forever home on the 3rd or after. I give them a spa day before they go and they will be excited to be on their new adventures. 



The results are in. ALL Winnies pups are Rockets!! 

Everyone is doing great and growing like crazy. They are on mush foods, which I am transitioning to hard food, but they are still nursing, but only a few more days I think as Winnie is now getting grumpy at them. They are now going outside, not too much with all this rain and it being so hot, but they love it even if it's a few minutes. 


Winnie's pups are doing amazing, some of them have gained more than a pound in a week already. Their eyes starting to open along with their ears so they can now see and hear me or mom come in their room and get excited because they know it's food time. They are starting to get their feet under them and take a few steps, so they are getting more mobile also. They will be getting their teeth soon at about 3 weeks, so that's when I start the mush food, giving mommy a little break, they also do still nurse tile 5-6 weeks. The interested list is now current with the families that have confirmed their interest in a puppy with the completed paperwork and deposit. 

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