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Current Roo and Lucas litter

 Both pups have now found their forever homes.


Pups have arrived two handsome male pups. They are doing fantastic and Roo is such a good mom. 

On this page will be pictures of the parents,  Roo and Lucas, and their pups as they progress through the weeks. I will update the website, hopefully weekly, and will text weekly pictures to the families that have reserved one of the pups. Currently, one of the pups is reserved. Please call/text me if you are interested in reserving the other pup. The first family will have until they are 5 weeks to decide which pup they chose. 

Roo's pups with Lucas are considered F3bb or multi-generational and will most likely be 75% or more poodle. There are a lot of variants in DNA, so I cannot guarantee any possible outcomes of if they shed or not or if they have furnishings. But with being more than 75% poodle they will be curly and will not shed. But still have just enough Golden Retriever genes to make them the happy, goofy go-lucky puppy we love. As the same as humans, a random strain ( recessive) could come through from generations ago. The pups do lose their first coat or baby coat at about 6 months. If allergies are an issue, I highly recommend that you come by to visit the pups.

Please call/ text me at 954-245-9069 if you have any questions. 

Information on how the Interested list works are on the 2022 page.

Information on what comes included with the pups is on the FAQ page

Their eyes and ears are still closed, but that doesn't stop them from wiggling around the bed already. Their eyes will start to open along with their ears, at about 12-17 days old. They will be getting their teeth at about 3 weeks, so that's when I start the mush food, giving mommy a little break, they also do still nurse tile 5-6 weeks.


The interested list is now current with the families that have confirmed their interest in a puppy with the completed paperwork and deposit. 

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