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Information on the pups, and what is included is on the FAQ page at the top.

Progressive pictures of the pups each week are/will be posted below.

1/28/2019: I start an interested list for Holly's future litter which is estimated to be about 12/2019. I have a page started for that list, if you'd like to be on the list please call/text me at 954-245-9069.

11/9/2018: Update for Mulan & Rustys next litter. I have started an interested list for Mulan & Rusty's next litter. I am anticipating that the expected birthday is July 11th, 2019. Please see that page for the list.

Holly is an F1 Goldendoodle about 50 pounds and Rusty is a Standard Poodle about 58 pounds. So their litter will be considered, F1b Standard sized Goldendoodles, which should range from 45-65 pounds full grown. The pups will be CKC registerable and under the FAQ page, you can see what all comes included with the pup. Thank you for considering one of my pups to join your family. 

****6/2018 LITTER ANNOUNCEMENT: Holly had her pup June 12th... all 10 of them are healthy and doing great. Mom, Holly is a doting mommy. They are all strong and eating well they are all gaining weight and thriving some have gained 8 ounces in a week!! She was bred with Rusty so these pups will be F1b, Standard size, with the weight range of 45 to 65 pounds full grown. The pups will be 8 weeks on August 7th and can go home after that date. Information and what comes with the pup is under the FAQ page at the top. 


The interested/reserved list is started, see below. If you'd like to be placed on the list please call/text me at 954-245-9069. I can then email you the application and agreement for you to review. 



Once the pups are born I will contact you and let you know the sexes and colors available. If you are still interested in a pup you have until 5 weeks to make your choice. I have had some folks pick their pup within the first week because they wanted specific sex and color. But if you prefer to wait until they are older you can up until they are 5 weeks (max) to choose. They will be chosen in the order below. Once you pick your pup the deposit is required to hold your pup until they are at least 8 weeks. I can and have held pups until they were 10+ weeks because the families had prior commitments, vacations, weddings,  etc. If you need me to hold the pups longer than 8 weeks, I can.

I will send weekly pictures and videos of your pup and you are also welcome to come over and visit with your pup until they are ready to go home. Once your pup is ready to go home the balance is due ( cash or PayPal is preferred) before the pup leaves my home. 


Following is the Interested/reserve list for Hollys June 2018 litter:


First: Amanda & family picked Mo

Second: Shawn & family picked Poppy

Third: Tosin & family picked cookie Monster

Fourth: Oscar & Brittany picked Zoey

Fifth: Dan & Erin picked Archie

Update:  9/17/2018, all my pups have found furever homes!!!!!  I'm looking forward to getting updates on how they are progressing. I will post updated pictures when they become available. Now I get a few months to regroup before my next litter from Mulan.  


I do pay for referrals, so if you know of someone looking for a beautiful, healthy Goldendoodle and they pick one of my pups, I will pay a referral fee to you. 

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