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Holly and Rusty February 9th, 2019

Holly and Rusty's litter born February 9th, 2019

Also known as the "Brady Bunch"

7 males and 3 females

Available at 8 weeks, on or after April 6th, 2019

Please call/text me at 954-245-9069 to be added to the interested list.

Read below for more information.


Information on the pups, and what is included is on the FAQ page at the top.

Progressive pictures of the pups each week are/will be posted below.


****LITTER ANNOUNCEMENT: I am planning on Holly &  Rusty to have another litter in 2019. I already have folks interested in her litter, so I started the list already!!!

8/18/19 UPDATE: The boys Peter and Greg finally found their furever home this past weekend. I am so happy the perfect families finally found us. 

6/1/2019 UPDATE: I still have the 2 black males available. I'm taking them in for their third set of vaccines next week. They are very sweet boys. They are becoming part of my pack, I know they would do great with other dogs in the house, as they love to play with each other. But they will be fine without another doggo but will need more of your attention as they keep each other occupied most of the time here. They are doing great with potty training.

4/13/2019 UPDATE:  Only two boys left....The pups have been going to their forever homes, last week 4 went and this week 4 more are going. So that only leaves with Greg and Peter left available. They are both black males. Peter has a looser coat and Greg has more curls, as of now. Both are sweeties.

2/19/2019 UPDATE: Pups have been born on February 9th, 2019. Everyone is happy, healthy and doing well. 

Holly & Rusty have been bred!! Estimated puppy birthdate is February 6th, 2019. So please check back for updates on their birthday.

Mom, Holly is a doting mommy, very caring and dedicated. She is an F1 ( 50% Std. Poodle & 50% Golden Retriever) Goldendoodle at 50 pounds and 24" at the shoulder. She will be bred with Rusty, 100% Standard Poodle at 58 pounds and 27" High. That means these pups will be F1b, ( 75% Std. Poodle & 25% Golden Retriever) Standard size, with the weight range of 45 to 60 pounds full grown. Once pups are 8 weeks they can go home. Information and what comes included with the pup is under the FAQ page at the top. 


The interested/reserved list is started, see below. If you'd like to be placed on the list please call/text me at 954-245-9069. I can then email you the application and agreement for you to review. 



Once the pups are born I will contact you and let you know the sexes and colors available. If you are still interested in a pup you have until 5 weeks to make your choice. I have had some folks pick their pup within the first week because they wanted specific sex and/or color. But if you prefer to wait until they are older you can have up until they are 5 weeks (max) to choose. They will be chosen in the order of the list below. Once you pick your pup the deposit is required to hold your pup until they are at least 8 weeks. I can and have held pups until they were 10+ weeks because the families had prior commitments, vacations, weddings,  etc. If you need me to hold the pups longer than 8 weeks, I can.

I will send weekly pictures and videos of your pup and you are also welcome to come over and visit with your pup until they are ready to go home. Once your pup is ready to go home the balance is due ( cash or PayPal, friends and family) before the pup leaves my home. These pups are $1900, with the deposit of $800 due only once you pick your pup. YOU pick your pup. I do not pick for you unless that is what you desire. You are able to come and visit with them and the parents also. 


UPDATE 12/15/2018: Holly & Rusty tied, so I'm expecting she will have pups around Feb 6th, 2019. Making the pup available at 8 weeks, around April 3rd, 2019.  I will have confirmation if she is pregnant in about 5-6 weeks.


Following is the Interested/reserve list for Hollys February 2019 litter:


First: Melissa, M/F  (this family has a pup already, Sansa) confirmed /Reserved M

Second: Jessica, F only, Reserved F

Third: Kristin & Joe-M, light ( has a pup from my 2013 litter) Reserved M

Fourth: Ashley, M  confirmed/reserved M



Below are pictures of Holly and Rusty's litter from 2018 and below that is Holly and Leos litter from 2017. Just so you can see the types of coats and colors she may produce in her upcoming litter.


I do pay for referrals, so if you know of someone looking for a beautiful, healthy Goldendoodle and they pick one of my pups, I will pay a referral fee to you. 

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