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Available and Upcoming


4/4/2019 UPDATE: Sally, now Mango has found her home. All pups are now living at their furever homes. I'm excited to get updates on my pups from their new families. They were all great pups.


11/9/2018 Update... we have pups... please see below.



So excited!!! I figured out on how to make changes and fix up this website... I made subpages/drop downs for my girls' specific litters, information, and pictures on their own litter are on that specific page, under the "Litters" tab on top...but I'm also leaving the pictures here so you can see how the colors and coats can vary as they age.


Information on the pups, and what is included is on the FAQ page at the top.

Progressive pictures of the pups each week are/will be posted on the drop down specific litter name.


Below is the previous litter from Mulan and Rusty so you can see the variety of colors they produce. You need to scroll down below the current pictures to see her previous litter. 


These pups are F1bb generation with Mom, Mulan being an F1b ( 75% poodle, 25% poodle) and dad, Rusty is a Standard Poodle. They are standard size, meaning that their expected full grown weight will range from 45 to 55 pounds. They should not shed, which is great for folks who suffer from allergies. 




To be placed on the interested/reservation list please contact me at 954-245-9069 or email me at I will email you the application and agreement for you to review. 

Once the pups are born I will contact you and let you know the sexes and colors available. If you are still interested in a pup you have until they are 5 weeks to make your choice. I have had some folks pick their pup within the first week because they wanted specific sex and/or color. But if you prefer to wait until they are older you can up until they are 5 weeks (max) to choose. They will be chosen in the order of the list below. Once you pick your pup the deposit is required to hold your pup until they are at least 8 weeks. I can and have held pups until they were 10+ weeks because the families had prior commitments, vacations etc. If you need me to hold the pups longer than 8 weeks, I can.  

I will send weekly pictures and videos of your pup and you are also welcome to come over and visit with your pup until they are ready to go home. Once your pup is ready to go home the balance is due ( cash or PayPal, under family & friends, is preferred) before the pup leaves my home. 



Mom and pups are doing great. She had 4 girls, (3 black and 1 red/apricot )and 3 males, (1 light blonde, 1 gold and 1 brown).

Currently, I am getting in touch with the interested families below to see if they are still interested in picking a puppy, now that I know the sexes and colors. I will contact you all shortly, or your welcome to call or text me anytime to update me, thanks.


Update as of 9/11/2018, Mulan and Rusty have tied 3 times!! So I am estimating her due date as 11/9/2018, which means the estimated date when the pups will be 8 weeks and ready is January 4th, 2018


update as of 8/27/18 Mulan is in heat, once they get together we will know the approximate due date... 


update as of 8/25/18, Mulan has not been bred. She is acting very interested so it should be soon. :)


The pups from this litter are $1900. The deposit of $800 is due only once you pick your pup.

Mulan and Rusty, estimated available early Jan. 2019)


First: Valerie & family, adopted Bear (referred from Eric)

Second: Lucia & family adopted Pink( this family adopted Blue from Mulans last litter)

Third: Kristy & family adopted Major

Fourth: Maria, red F 

Fifth: Donna, red female, will wait

Sixth: Lisa, Female?

Seventh: David ?


Update on the list 11/16/18- The list is ever-changing, but at this time I do believe that the black females are the ones that will be available. If interested, I will add you to the list, to confirm your spot to pick. 

Please note that this list changes due to the fact that things change in peoples lives and they are no longer able to add a pup to their life at this time. That is the reasoning behind having 9 on the list as it could be that the folks may not want that specific color/sex and so I will move on to the next on the list. 

Please note that of 11/8/19, the pups birthday, I have not confirmed if all the folks on the interested list are still interested in picking a pup. Once they are I will put confirmed, as stated above, and when they pick their pup I will have their choice say reserved in the current progressive pictures which will be below. 


Get In Touch

Below is a litter of Holly, (Mulan's mom)  and Leo. The pictures are progressive from 1 week on, and I will continue to add pictures the families send me, so you can have an idea of the different varieties of coat colors and types they can produce. A big thank you to all the families that send in updated photos... I really do appreciate it!!! I love to see my lil pups grow...


Licensed Goldendoodle Breeder

I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I’ve been a breeder of Poodles and Doodles since 2007. 

I am licensed with Broward County, #P0592844, which expires 5-26-2020.           click here to view   

I am dedicated to always provide a nurturing, loving and safe environment. I do not have guardian homes, nor do I re-home my retired females. I have had up to five generations in my home.

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