Mulan & Rusty's 2021 litter

Mulan and Rusty's litter is due the first week or so of June 2021.

I have started ONE "Interested List" for 2021 ( It has its own page link here .)

On this page will be pictures of the parents,  Mulan and Rusty, and their pups as they progress through the weeks. I will update the website, hopefully weekly, and will text weekly pictures to the families that have reserved one of the pups. 

Please call/ text me at 954-245-9069 if you have any questions. 

Information on how the Interested list works are on the 2021 page.

Information on what comes included with the pups is on the FAQ page


Mulan gave birth to her beautiful litter this early morning, but four of them were sleeping angels. The two that are here, both are black females, are doing well. I have spoken with my vet and we may have them join Winnie's litter in a few days after they receive the colostrum from Mulan. I'll have to watch very closely to make sure that Mulan is handling just the two of them okay. She had mastitis with a previous litter and that was horrific and I don't want her to go through that again. So we just have to see how the next few days, this week progresses.