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11/9/2018 Update: Mulan had 7 little angels on 11/8/2018. There are 4 girls and 3 boys. I do have another page for the updates and interested list. Please look under the litter tab for Mulan and Rusty 11/2018. As of today I am still confirming the interested list and do not know what the availability is as of yet. I will keep you updated. Thanks for considering one of my pups to join your family in their forever home. Below are pictures from her last litter, so you can see what type of coats and colors the parents produce. 


**** 2/2018 LITTER UPDATE: All Mulan's pups are now at their forever homes..... I will miss the adorable, playful, furballs.... these pups were amazing!!! I have received videos from some of the families of their pup "sitting, staying then coming when called" by 9 weeks and another already knows "high 5". All the families reported that they easily adjusted to their new soundings and were great overnight and the potty training was fast.   Such a great bunch of pups..


Mulan is a mommy, she and the pups are doing great. They were born February 24th, 2018, the puppies going home date is approximately April 21st, 2018... These pups are F1bb generation with Mom, Mulan being an F1b ( 75% poodle, 25% poodle) and dad, Rusty is full Standard Poodle. They are standard size, meaning that their expected full-grown weight will range from 45 to 55 pounds. They should not shed, which is great for folks who suffer from allergies. 


Mulan and Rusty are going to be parents again! We are expecting their pups to be available at the beginning of January 2019. I have started an interested list, please see the litters tab under Mulan & Rusty 11/2018.


Information on the pups, and what is included is on the FAQ page at the top.

Progressive pictures of the pups each week are/will be posted below.



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