Upcoming Interested List

The interested list is going to be a little different from previous litters, just until I can confirm pregnancy with my girls.

As of today 5/15/2020, no one has been bred. I plan on breeding Mulan, Winnie, and Roo. I am waiting for them to go in their heat cycles. So I am starting one list now, then once I know who's bred and a more definite date of birth(s), I will then confirm with the families on the list and go from there. If you are interested in being placed on the list, please call/ text me at 954-245-9069.

#1 Shelise, Yes, per email 9/7/19

#2 Jessica, Yes per text 12/7/19

#3 Alexa, Yes, per text 1/20/20

#4 Carrie, yes per text 3/10/20

#5 Laramie, yes, text & email 3/11/20

#6 Brittany, yes, per email 3/22/20

#7 Jordan, not confirmed 3/26/20

#8 Max, yes per text 3/28/20

#9 Kelly, yes per Instagram3/28/20Has a Winston from Holly's 2019 litter.

#10 Carolina, yes per text 4/2/20

#11 Lori, yes per text 4/3/20

#12 Jillian, yes per text 4/14/20

#13 Stephanie, yes per text 4/18/20

#14 Emily, yes per text 4/27/20

#15 Rachel, yes per text 5/2/20

#16 Bianca, yes per text 5/9/20

#17 Jenny, yes per text &GM 5/9/20 

#18 Kari, yes per text 5/14/20

#19 Merna, yes per text 5/15/20

#20Karla, yes per text 5/17/20

#21 Rebecca, yes per text 5/17/20

#22 Kim, yes per text 5/18/20

PLEASE, If you are no longer interested in staying on the list at any time please let me know so I can make corrections and open up your spot. TIA.


To be placed on the interested/reservation list please contact me by text/call at 954-245-9069 or email me at bajadoodles@gmail.com. I can email you the application and agreement for you to review. 

Once my girls have been bred, I will contact you to confirm that you are interested to stay on the list. Then once the pups are born I will contact you again and let you know the sexes and colors available. If you are still interested in a pup, the application and agreements are to be completed and returned to me and a confirmation deposit of $200 will be due to stay on the list.

You will then have until the pups are 5 weeks ( max) to choose which pup will be yours. I have had some folks pick their pup within the first week because they wanted specific sex and/or color. But if you prefer to wait until they are older you can, up until they are 5 weeks (max) to choose. They will be chosen in the order of the confirmation list. I do not pick your pup. You pick your own pup either by "face time" videos, phone video chats, and/or pictures or by coming to my home to visit us. ( this is depending on the current situation with the COVID-19 requirements. You will still be able to come and see us, just maybe not handle the pups, we will just have to see what are the safety guidelines at that time.)

Once you pick your pup (by 5 weeks old) the holding deposit of  $600 is due, this is to hold your pup until they are at least 8 weeks. I can and have held pups until they were 10+ weeks because the families had prior commitments, vacations etc. If you need me to hold the pup longer than 8 weeks, we can discuss the situation, depending on the amount of time, there is no charge. 

I will send weekly pictures and videos of your pup and you are also welcome to come over and visit with your pup ( after 5 weeks old) and until they are ready to go home. ( Again the visits are depending on the COVID-19 guidelines at the time). Once your pup is ready to go home the balance is due ( cash, Zelle, PayPal ( under friends & family) before the pup leaves my home. 

So the deposits are as follows:

No deposit to be on the interested list, (so there tends to be a lot of adjustments made to the list, so if you are no longer interested, please let me know ASAP - TIA)

Deposits can be cash, check, Zelle, PayPal, ( under friends & family only)

$200 confirmation deposit to stay on the list once the pups are born. ETA: ?? TBD

$600 holding deposit to confirm your chosen pup before or at 5 weeks of age (max).

Balance is due upon or before the date you pick up your puppy. 

Balance can be cash, Zelle, Paypal, (under friends & family only)

Solid colors (non-black) will be $1900

Solid black will be $ 1600

Parti-colored will be $2200-$2400

More information about what comes included with the pups, guarantees and health information can be found on the FAQ page



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