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Rusty is now retired and neutered. He is king of the couch now.

Russell Louis ( Rusty) is a Standard Poodle, he is dual registered with AKC and CKC.  He has a stunning red coat, with black points. He stands 27 inches tall and weighs about 58 pounds. He has had the poodle panel for genetic testing done, all negative. You can view his results on the home page, under his information. He will be the sire of my upcoming litters. He is a fantastic, smart, obedient dog. He has never growled at any other dogs or humans. He just loves to do the zoomies around my back yard and play with my other fur babies...he loves chasing the squirrels on the lines, waiting for them to come down to play, like that's gonna happen, not. He is a little reserved at first but wants to be a friend to everyone. 


I can host your female at my house.  I am located in Plantation, Florida. It is best if the female comes to us, so he is comfortable with the surroundings.  He has been tested negative for Brucellosis. I require that your female is tested for this also. Please note that the test does take 3-5 days for results. I also require your female to be current on vaccinations and rabies. I do have a contract/agreement, which I can email to you if you are interested. This states the expectations, requirements, and fees. At this time I am not able to accept "pick of the litter" in place of the stud fee.  The stud fee is $1500.00 with guaranteed pregnancy, meaning if for some reason the timing was off and your female does not get pregnant, then at her next heat, we will breed them again at no charge. 


  ****UPDATE**** Rusty is a daddy!! He is the proud daddy of 9 healthy pups, with my Mulan. Please see the litter page for updates and pictures. He also sired a litter with a Goldendoodle, Bree and had 6 pups. He also is the sire to a litter of Standard Poodles, Gwen had 8 healthy pups!. The most recent litter is his litter with my Holly, ten beautiful babies.

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