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Yes, I do. I can email it to you to review. It basically stated the expectations of both parties. It also states what is included in the Adoption.  When you adopt one of my pups it's a whole lot more than just the pup.

  • I include the required OCVI ( FL Health Certificate), from my vet stating the vaccinations given to the pup, confirmed that they are parasite free along with a head to tail wellness check. This is required by any breeder in Florida.

  • Written two-year genetic health guarantee.

  • Copies of the certificates proving that at least their mothers have been genetically tested panels (also dad's, if available from stud).

  • The pups pedigree lineage and registrations(only if this is available).

  • At least 4 de-wormings.

  • Age-appropriate vaccines, (at least the first set of shots).

  • A sample of the current puppy food.

  • Lots of toys and treats.

  • A collar or harness and leash.

  • Comfort blanket, with mom's scent, siblings, and my scent, to help with the transition to their new home.

  • Treat jar and other goodies.

  • Basic beginner puppy information booklet, if available from CKC or Purina

  • The registration papers for the CKC, (if available from the stud)

  • A copy of my breeders permit.

  • A microchip is already in place & paid for. Depending on the microchip available, I will register it once you have named your pup, or you may need to register it in your name; maybe with a minimal charge.

  • And anything else I find cute or needed.

  • Along with unlimited phone, text, email support for any questions or concerns that may arise I will answer or help you find that answer.

Pricing ranges depending on stud available, look to the specific litters' page.


The pups will have the required certificate which is the OCVI, Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, from the State of Florida. This is given by my licensed Veterinarian, after he fully examines the pup, gives age-appropriate vaccines, the pup also is checked for parasites and has to be negative to receive the certificate. 
I also give a two-year genetic guarantee. The pup's mom has been tested for genetic factors. If the pup's dad is my Rusty, he has also been tested. If I used an outside stud, I will provide as much info as I can about him. This testing completed by my dogs:  includes tests: Degenerative Myelopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration, Von Willebrand Disease 1, and more, please view each dogs' own testing on the "Home" page

 If you go to Paw Print Genetics you can see the testing and results on my dogs' page. They have the descriptions of the diseases and to what extend the guarantee is covered. 


F1: This is the first cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. I only had 2 litters of F1 puppies way back in 2013. I kept Holly from one of those first litters. All my other litters have been higher in the generations. 

F1b: My puppies from Holly's litters, are F1b. Which is a cross between an F1 Goldendoodle (Holly), which is 50% Standard Poodle & 50% Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle, (dad-Leo or Rusty).  Making the pups Standard F1b Goldendoodles ( 75% Poodle & 25% Golden). They will range from 50 to 65 pounds fully grown, approximately the same size as mom and dad. They should stand about 23 to 26 inches at their shoulder.

Holly has now been retired and will live out her life with us, as I do not rehome my girls. So her pups can always come by for a visit with her. 



F1bb: Mulan and Rusty's litters, are classified F1bb, with mom, Mulan being an F1b Goldendoodle ( 75% Poodle & 25% Golden)  and dad, Rusty is a Standard Poodle. These pups should not shed, as they are mostly poodle          ( 83% + Poodle). Making them a good choice for people with allergies. They should range from 45 to 65 pounds full grown. 

Multi-generational:  This term is all/any other combination of Goldendoodles and Poodle Crosses.

Winnie and Roo's pups will be multi-generational.


Winnie is an F1bb, which is a cross between an F1b Goldendoodle and a poodle. She is considered a parti doodle, this is a two-colored coat that is at least 50% white, with colored markings/spots in any other colors, like brown, red, black, etc. She is apricot and white. She did have littermates that were black and white also. This will be her first litter in 2020. I am hoping to find an F1b parti  Goldendoodle to mate with her, but I am still in the process of finding the perfect match. Her 2020 litter was with an F1 stud making her pups F2b Standard Goldendoodles. They may carry the parti-gene, but they were solid colors. Her 2021 litter was with an F2b parti Goldendoodle, in which she did have some parti pups. 

Roo is an F2 Goldendoodle, which is a cross between F1 Goldendoodle and an F1 Goldendoodle. She is considered a parti doodle also, this is a two-colored coat that is mostly white with colored markings/spots. She is apricot and white. I will not be breeding her in 2020. I am hoping to find an F1b parti Goldendoodle to mate with her in 2021, but still trying to find the perfect match. So her pups may be considered F2b, or F2bb, or multi-gen, depending on the stud I find for her. So they may carry the parti-gene but the outcome of the pups coloring is unknown.

Do any of the Doodle generations cause allergies?

I can not guarantee that they will not shed and/or cause any allergies, there are all different causes of allergies,  it may be from the saliva, dander, mites, hair. NO ONE can guarantee that, and it is unethical if anyone was to tell you that their dogs are, because there is no dog that is 100% hypoallergenic.

Everyone has different reactions to allergens. I have had no adopted families state that it was an issue, even with folks that had terrible allergies. But I would always recommend coming to meet the pup to check if you have a reaction.

With me, I do full disclosure, I had one lady that came to visit my pups and she had one "bump" come up, but she did also have other skin issues, eczema, so she decided that getting a pup wouldn't work out. So that is why I recommend folks with any allergies to come to visit with the pups first.

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Skylar, Holly's sister

This is Skylar, She is my Holly's sister, she was from one of my first Goldendoodle litters. So she's an F1. She is so stunning, her human, Sharon likes to keep her coat long and beautiful, it is possible, just a lot of work. 


“Thank you sooooo much for Dr. Ansara!!! I should've used him initially but I wanted to use a vet closer to my home.... MISTAKE! Dr. Ansara was worth the drive. He is Mr. Bentley's new vet. "

Janice...Mr Bentley's mom

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