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          2024 Current                 Honey & Jaxon litter



On this page will be pictures of the parents,  Honey and Jaxon, and their pups as they progress through the weeks. I will update the website, hopefully weekly, and will text weekly pictures to the families that have reserved one of the pups.

Please call/text me at 954-245-9069 if you are interested in reserving one of the pups.  

Honey's pups with Jaxon are considered multi-generational and will most likely be 75% or more poodle. There are a lot of variants in DNA, so I cannot guarantee any possible outcomes of if they shed or not or if they have furnishings. But with being more than 75% poodle most likely they will be on the curlier side and will not shed. But still have just enough Golden Retriever genes to make them the happy, goofy go-lucky puppy we love. As the same as humans, a random strain ( recessive) could come through from generations ago. The pups do lose their first coat or baby coat at about 6 months. If allergies are an issue, I highly recommend that you come by to visit the pups.

Please call/ text me at 954-245-9069 if you have any questions. 

Information on what comes included with the pups is on the FAQ page

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